Yes, a lounge, since it all comes from a self-reflection and lot of reading during the corona days.

I always get into this mode of gaining and shedding weight and it dates back from1996. Hardly did I realise the deep connection between a healthy mind, body and soul, until few days ago.

Wait…. I said and meant, I didn’t realise or rather recognize, but never meant that it does’nt or didn’t exist. Lets go to the topic – the mind , body and soul and how these balances each other.

 Well, we all know , It’s all in the mind, so let’s begin from the fundamental aspect.

THE MIND – Our mind holds all the emotions right from the day we are born. The way we were cuddled and fed and taken care of are the beginnings. Next comes the stimulus we receive in the form of appreciation and criticism. What our parents, relatives, siblings, friends, teachers, neighbours and all others around us ,say or do to us, leaves a deep and undiscovered impact on our emotional being. Our actions and behaviour throughout our lifetime depends on these stimuli. This forms our inner image. Our personality is a direct effect of our inner image.

It is hence important to understand ourselves to create a positive inner image and a positive personality. As much as we know that introversion is a result of negative inner image,

extroversion too is the result of negative inner image. An extrovert does things to hide their weakness.

Hence, all these has an outward reflection on our intentions or attitudes ,that affects our relationship with others, our achievements and our success (in our own terms).

THE BODY – Whatever we manifest, we see the result in terms of a physical action or reaction. There are medical approaches as well to the mind body connection.

Anger, fear, depression, anxiety has the side effects like hypertension, heart ailments, stomach related issues and of course neurological setbacks. Eg. When we go for an interview or when it’s the first ever public speaking appearance, almost everyone feel the pouncing of their heart , sometimes a rise in BP and numbness in the body. Now a days most of us are aware how it affects the immune system as well.

The connection between our minds and our bodies is something we instinctively feel, but how much attention do we pay to your bodily sensations each moment?

To understand our own emotional lives and those of the people around us, we need a deeper awareness, achieved through the practice of mindfulness .

Acknowledging how you feel each time with different kinds of emotion and practicing it will help gain the connection of mind and body.

Like I had written at the beginning, how my body weight used to fluctuate with my mood. Binge eating is the manifestation of anxiety, depression or any negative emotion.

THE SOUL The soul is the seat to all our emotions. Our entire mind and body balance is connected to our soul. The happiness or pleasure or contentment ,happens inside out when the soul is balanced with our mind and body.

It is hence important to irrigate our mind with all sorts of passivity.

This can be done when we start to look deep within and find out what influences our behaviour .It actually starts from birth and we need to recapitulate all the events that we can remember from as early childhood days, as we can. Our inner image formed by all the strokes received, I.e. the appreciations, accusations, criticisms,

love, from everyone around us ,builds our self esteem ,which is an important factor of our behaviour with self and others. In this level, there are few questions to ask yourself at a quite corner and find out ‘Who are you ?’ and ‘What do you want from life?’

  • What prevents you from being in the moment, more than anything else?
  • How does it feel to be alone with your thoughts these days?
  • What do you usually think about when there are usually no distractions?
  • How often do you judge people for being wrong, bad or stupid?
  • What is th true price that you pay for these judgements?
  • Which family member do I resent and resemble the most?
  • What do you gain from yhe resentment: Is it power? Safety? Control? The illusion of winning?

Once we know ourselves, we are set to balance our mind and body by practicing the below points, mindfully:

  • Meditate
  •  Avoid sitting aimlessly for a long period of time
  • Spend time with those you love
  • Read good books
  • Eat healthy
  • Get into activities that engage you into helping others
  • Be grateful and be kind
  • Keep fueling your passions
  • Travel
  • Listen to good music 11.FORGIVE yourself and others

A positive mind , a healthy body and a happy soul is all that takes us to the unlimited success that we crave for throughout our life. Happy Mind, Body and Soul balancing!