I decided on the topic when contacted by Dr R K Saily, Director of GNVSIOM, A NAAC accredited management Institute that has given me immense respect and love. They wanted me to help the students as well as people who were not a part of their institution, in building a positive mental frame and as it is, Mumbai is possibly seeing the worst ever form of the pandemic in the entire country.

Our mind usually focuses towards the negative and the feeling of fear and helplessness. Our vision gets narrowed down and we make compromises with our values. This is when we need to train the mind to be positive. We, as humans have the potential to be proactive, it’s when we create another circumstance in response to the circumstance which acts as the stimulus. Our behaviour is the outcome of our decision and not our circumstance.

After a deep thought, I decided to let the attendees decode their own feelings, make them self-aware, understand their own willingness and consciousness to decide on a response or reaction to a particular stimulus.

I did all these by uncovering their self-esteem through some personalized questions to understand their psyche and then gradually making them see how they can act upon the circumstances, rather than being acted upon.

This webinar also includes few tips on how to be resilient and grow positive or good habits working upon one’s own centre of influence.

If you are interested to know more about self-growth that will take you to the next level of success, then you got to work on yourself, your inner voice. Understand what resilience does to you. Why you must make it a point to build your resilience.

Ask yourself –

1. What kind of an inner image do you have?

2. Were you frequently criticized or praised?

3. What was the behaviour towards you, of your friends, neighbours, relatives and all others around you, right from your childhood?

4. How does it still affect you?

All these questions, however maybe seemingly irrelevant to do anything with ‘Winning The Turbulent Times’, have a deep down effect on your personality. Our mental defense mechanism has a correlation with lifestyle and habits that further controls our behaviour. Hence, these are questions for self therapy.

What are the beliefs that are influencing our behaviour and what values motivates that behaviour? Look inside for the stimulus for introspection. These psycho analytical questions takes you to the root from where you find yourself and become self aware for that, much needed personal and professional growth, where you can persistently comprehend your actions based on your value system.

Now, there is more to these psycho analytical questions and working in your circle of influence calls for deeper understanding by a step wise analysis.

To sum up , its our decision to act on our circle of influence or get acted upon by our circle of concern- the circle which is beyond our control, we have to start with ourselves than the environment or people around us and yes, this is applicable for all the difficult times .